Yarragon Dairy Ltd


Conditions – Casual Hirer 

The hirer completing the Casual Hire Request Form and who signature appears on acceptance of these terms and conditions must be over the age of 18 years. 

Hire of the Old YARRAGON DAIRY Main Hall and car port,  is subject to the terms and conditions below.

The Old Yarragon Dairy reserves the right to accept or decline any booking, and may cancel any booking that is not made according with the terms of this agreement. Applications will be either confirmed or declined in writing within 7 working days of receipt of the Casual Hire Request Form. 


The hirer must complete and return the Casual Hire Request Form to The old Yarragon Dairyat least fourteen 14 working days prior to the date of hire. 

The hire period listed on the Casual Hire Request Form, must include sufficient time for set up and pack down. The hirer must ensure that the booking ends and the Hall is vacated by the time nominated on the form; if a hire continues beyond this time extra charges will apply and be deducted from the Bond. The hirer must only use the Hall requested for the use specified in the Casual Hire Request Form. Should the facility be used for any other purpose, the hirer will not be able to make future bookings for the hire of Council Halls. 

The hirer shall nominate all areas of the Hall that they wish to use on the Casual Hire Request Form. The Hirer will only be permitted to use the nominated areas for the nominated times for the permitted purpose. 

Tentative Bookings 

A booking with remain tentative until all required documentation has been provided and payment has been received. A hirer will receive confirmation of their booking via a confirmation letter once all information has been received by the Host. A tentative booking will not be held for more than 3 working days. 

Confirmed Bookings 

A booking will not be considered confirmed until the following documentation has been provided; 

  • A completed copy of the Casual Hire Request Form 
  • Signed copy of the Conditions of Hire – Casual User 
  • Copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency 
  • Copy of your liquor license – if applicable 
  • Copy of your POPE – if applicable
    Once the above have been received, the hirer will be provided with a copy of the confirmation letter outlining the fees and charges. Should your payment not be received within 3 days of the date of the confirmation letter your booking will be 


Cancellations must be in writing and emailed to Bente.jobsz@gmail.com The Old Yarragon Dairy may cancel the booking at any time if the hirer; 

  • Has not paid the hire fee in the manner prescribed in this document. 
  • Does not comply with any of the terms and conditions of this document.
    The Yarragon Dairy Ltd reserves the right to amend the conditions in this document or introduce additional conditions to this document as required. Council reserves its right to cancel bookings which will impact its own operational needs, cause it any risk, or otherwise at its own discretion and refund all monies to the hirer. The hirer, by signing and submitting this form, acknowledges and agrees that it will have no further claim for compensation against Council for any matter resulting from a cancelled booking.
  • Hirer Signature_________________________
  • Payment Methods
    Payments via cash, credit card will be accepted via Pay Pall.  
  • Security Payment
    Hirers are required to pay a security payment prior to the booking, either prior to or upon collection of the key. The the security payment is held by The Yarragon Dairy until it has inspected the hall, confirmed it has been left in good order and the key has been returned after the booking. 
  • The security payment  may be used to cover the damage or additional cleaning requirements. Security amounts will be in applied according with the fees and charges set out by Yarragon Dairy ltd.
  • Where the security is required to cover damages or loss resulting from the hirers booking, the hirer will be notified within 21 working days of the return of the key. If the total costs exceed the bond amount the hirer will be invoiced and will be required to pay the balance within 21 days. 

  • Security payments will be available for pick up in cash or retuned via cheque to the address advised on the booking form.
  • Access and Key
    A key for the Hall will be available to collect from the The Host at the Yarragon Dairy  (1) business day prior to the booking date. Keys must be returned within one (1) business day following the booking. Loss of the key will incur a fee as outlined in “penalties and damages”. The hirer maintains personal responsibility for the key from the time of collection until the return.
  • Keys must not be given to any other person(s) and are only to be used for the time outlined in your application.
    The hirer must provide unrestricted access at all times to The Hosts and its authorized representatives during any period of hire and is required to comply with any reasonable directions given by the same. 

  • The hirer must not permit the number of people in the hirer area to exceed the maximum number of guests permitted in the Hall.
  • Good Order
    The hirer is required to comply with the terms and conditions listed herein and to maintain good order in the hall throughout the duration of the use.


Penalties and Damages 

Extra Cleaning – including but not limited to – rubbish removal, kitchen cleaning, cleaning closet not left neat and tidy, chairs not stacked and stored neatly.

$70 per hour

Sweep floors


Will be quoted on an as needs basis This will depend on the damage caused and extent.

Key Loss


Hall doors not secured



Alarm (if applicable) not armed


Alarm false alarm or call out



Noise Disturbance

pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic_2.png



The hirer is responsible for leaving the Hall and its room(s) in a clean and tidy manner. Where external bins are not provided or may be otherwise full, the hirer is responsible to take rubbish with them when they leave the hall and dispose of it elsewhere. 

The hirer must; 

  • Ensure that there is no food or drink left at facility
  • Remove all decorations, including tape etc
  • Safely stack all tables and chairs, and return these to the storage area if one is provided.
  • Check external areas to ensure these are left free from litter,
  • Vacuum and/or sweep, then spot mop the floors where required.
  • Vacum kitchen floors if used

  • Alcohol
  • Hall is  not a licensed. The hirer must not sell or distribute any alcohol in the Hall or allow any alcohol to be consumed or brought into the Hall.
    If a hirer intends to sell alcohol during a booking either directly or indirectly they must apply to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation for the appropriate license. For more information on liquor licenses and requirements, please go to www.vcglr.vic.gov.au or 1300 182 457. The Yarragon Dairy Host must receive a copy of the license prior to the booking date.
    By singing and submitting this form the hirer acknowledges and agrees that they are aware the service of alcohol may increase the risk of damage to the Hall and that the hirer will hereby take full responsibility for rectification of any such damage which may occur both inside and outside the Hall


Hirer Signature_________________________ 

form the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation www.vcglr.vic.gov.au or 1300 182 457. 


If the Hall has a self-catering kitchen area. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that they or any contractors/person(s) engaged, comply with the Food Act 1984 and the Health Act 1958 and regulations regarding to the use of the kitchen for bookings where food is sold as outlined in the Health Act 1958. 


Should the hirer, contractor or third party bring any equipment into the Hall, the hirer must ensure that: 

  • All electrical equipment is tested and tagged
  • All leads are secured to prevent any trip hazards
  • No equipment causes damage to the floor or walls and any other part of the Hall
  • All equipment, and the operation of it, is safe and does not create hazards.
  • Equipment, its operation and set up must not interfere with the operation of the complex or the
    evacuation plan.
    Items such as but not limited to fireworks, confetti cannons, smoke machines and dry-ice effects are not permitted.
  • Decorations
    Decorations are welcome however they must not damage the facility and must be removed at the conclusion of the booking. Packing tape is not permitted within the Hall. Hirers must only use cloth tape, or electrical tape to fix items, to walls. Permanent fixings such as nails, screws est. must not to be used. Use of such items will result in the bond being retained and the hirer being invoiced for costs to rectify the damage over and above the amount of the bond.

    Performing Rights & Music
    The hirer shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and for payment of all fees for the performance of any show, act or other breach of copyright. 

  • Noise Levels
    The hirer agrees that level of noise should not unduly interfere with local residents and will comply with the Environmental Protection Agency Victoria. Amplified music may be permitted as part of the Casual Hire Request Form. Failure to reduce noise levels when directed by the booking officer, Police Officer shall be deemed non compliance by the hirer and will result in the hirer not being able to hire, occupy, lease or licence any other facility now or in the future. 

  • All amplified noise (music and microphone) must cease by;
  • Monday to Thursday by 10 pm.
  • Friday by 11 pm.
  • Saturday and public holidays: by 11 pm.


• Sunday by 10 pm. 


Outside Contractors 

Should you engage external contractors directly, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that contractors comply with all workplace health and safety requirements and the terms and conditions of the hire of Hall requested. 

External contractors providing work/services (i.e. caterers, audio visual companies) must provide a copy of their public liability to the hirer to submit with the booking confirmation. 


A copy of a Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance for a minimum of $10 million must be presented to the booking officer with the Casual Hire Request Form. The policy must be in the name of the hirer and provide cover for the planned booking. 

By signing and submitting this form, the hirer agrees to indemnify, to keep indemnified, and to hold harmless the Council and its servants and agents, and each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses and damages whatsoever, which may be brought or made or claimed against them, or any of them arising out of, or in relation to, any hire of any Yarragon Dairy, Hall or facility. 

Hirer Signature___________________ 


The hirer must not do anything in connection with the Hall requested which may cause a nuisance or interferes with any other person. The hirer must make all efforts to ensure guests leave the facility in a quiet and orderly manner. Unsocial behavior (including spitting, insulting language, disorderly behavior, excessive noise or property damage) is prohibited. 

Unforeseen Circumstances 

In the event of inability to comply with any of the provisions of these conditions due to any interruption of electricity or gas supplies, industry disputes, plant or equipment failure, or other unforeseen interruption, The Yarragon Dairy Host may cancel any booking and refund any deposit without notice at any time. 

Force Majeure 

In the event of natural disaster such as earthquake, fire, flood or civil disturbance preventing either hirer or the Hosts from carrying out their obligations under this agreement, neither the hirer nor the Host shall be liable for the non-performance under this agreement and all monies held will be refunded. 


The hirer must not allow any animals to be brought indoors into the Hall This does not apply to service animals; service animals that are anticipated to attend shall be listed on the Casual Hire Booking Form. 


The hirer must not allow any persons to smoke in or within 10 meters of the entrance of the Hall. 


The hirer acknowledges and agrees that they accept full responsibility for the actions of its employees, guests, patrons and attendees. For evening bookings and bookings where alcohol is being consumed,The Yarragon Dairy Host strongly advises the hirer to engage qualified security personal, and adhere with the conditions of any temporary liquor license as required. 

As a guide the The Yarragon Dairy recommended two (2) security staff members for the first 100 guests and one security staff member for each additional 100 patrons or part thereof. 

It is also highly recommend that for all evening bookings or those where alcohol will be available for the hirer to log a Victorian Police Party Safe Program Form at your local police station or online at www.police.vic.gov.au 

Car Parking 

Cars should be parked lawfully and in legitimate parking places and not over driveways. Drivers of vehicles should observe all parking signs, parking regulations and Council’s Local Laws. 


Plant, Equipment, Hazardous Goods or Dangerous Substances 

The hirer must not bring any heavy plant or equipment, hazardous goods or dangerous substances into the Hall requested without prior consent from Council. 

Temporary structures 

The hirer must not erect any large temporary structures like staging, lighting rigs, expo stands etc. without prior consent from the Host. 

Occupancy Permit for Places of Public Entertainment (POPE) – 


In the event of any disputes or differences arising as to the interpretation of these conditions, or any other matter, the decision of the Hosts shall be final 


.............................. (Print full name) (Address) 

do hereby declare that I have read and understood the conditions relating the hire of  The Yarragon Dairy Hall

and will conduct my booking according with these. 

........................................................... ...................................Signature Date 



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