Imagine wants to know. Where is Santa/Jule Manden?

Imagine & Khandi wish you a lovely Christmas

Jamie at Work through out the year

Bente, Karmel.Ann and Frank Australian friends in the UK

All about Christmas 2005 - 2006  &  2007 is yet to come!

This year  I am going to be very early, as in the past I am often late, Please know we think  of you all always!

Do have a look at my pages and add your wishes and coments. I would welcome and very much appreciated  if you would also  take  a moment to look at our Sympaty page. It  would be nice to send the 3 families our sincere sympaty, the young people were friends of our Jamie and his friends Mitch and Trewor. 

The sadness of this loss to us all  is overwelming. *(But I have to belive that they have served their time on this earth  and they have now  returned to their right full place!)

Best wishes for Christmas/Jul and the comming years. 

Just in case I don't make the wishes next year, please know that we do think of you all

Click on the first photo to see the slide show! have fun.

Our Love and best wishes for every Christmas  gone by and for every future Christmas and every memory stored, også mange gode minder om alle de mange gode jule aftner vi har haft sammen, om det har været i sammenkoms eller i tanker, det er minnerne der regner.

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18.10 | 05:14

So sorry that I did not get back to you, I dont have any pictures but there are some at the Yarragon station

28.11 | 10:46

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year

28.06 | 06:16

I never heard from you again, but I am wondering if you have any old pictures from the Yarragon Dairy from years gone by. would be great if you could share some

22.03 | 01:07

Sounds good, let us know when you like to come round and look around. Regards Andy and Bente

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