Good by to a friend, before my travels: Roma QLD August' 2008, Alice Springs, August 2009, Yarragon Victoria and Nobel Park Victoria

Out Back Airport NT

Myer Brisbane Qld

Our house in NobelPark Victoria & our garden guest house

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Working holliday with the QLD Government of Health in Roma and Brisbane

Working holliday with the Children and Family Services in Alice Springs NT

Christmas 2008 Yarragon,Gippsland ,Victoria with Kirk, family and friends! Imagine and Andy's Birthday in April, as well as Welcome home from China to Jamie and Ki Ki April 2008

Good By and Good Luck to Bente on her travels to Alisce Springs, August 2008

There are 1000's and 1000's  of bare roads between towns.  200km to 400km betwenn petrol and wee stops.
Always take plenty of water, snacks,tolerance and the spirits of adventure and good humor.

Sadly, don't ever stop for anyone, but do let someone know,(it could be me).  I think the big road trains and truck are generally helpfull.  If you need to leave your car by the road side,don't expect to get it back. But your safety is more inportant. 

Always let someone know where you are going, 'silly perhasp' but, trust me,  being stuck in 40+c on a highway with out shade is not something you would want to do and walking to the next stop, 'I don't think so'.

Australia in general and the outback in particular are an amacing and a super experience,you will feel very alone,but never ever lonly! All the best if you plan to take the trip, just don't be silly, be prepared and you will enjoy every moment by moments!!Don't forget, every experience is what you make of it.  As they say in Alice
"It's all Good"

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18.10 | 05:14

So sorry that I did not get back to you, I dont have any pictures but there are some at the Yarragon station

28.11 | 10:46

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year

28.06 | 06:16

I never heard from you again, but I am wondering if you have any old pictures from the Yarragon Dairy from years gone by. would be great if you could share some

22.03 | 01:07

Sounds good, let us know when you like to come round and look around. Regards Andy and Bente

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