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Skrevet af age 3 and 5 year olds, d. 4. aug, 2015
A picture from children visiting from Israel
Skrevet af Niel, d. 2. aug, 2015
Hi Bente
Tried to pop over to say goodbuy and thank you. Thanks for taking care of the girls with flowers and toys for ellie. Attached is the $60 plus the booking fee if you have to pay into airbnb.
Thanks for everything. Niel
Skrevet af Chris & Mike Perkal, d. 2. aug, 2015
1 May 2015,we came to explore and sightsee the area.

Thank you for yorr kind hhospitality
Skrevet af Burnouts, d. 2. aug, 2015
7 March 2015
Big hallway, love the rocking chair, spacious living area, fresh milk, comfortable beds
Skrevet af Fione from Scotland, d. 2. aug, 2015
23 February 2015
Excellent hospitality, Lovely garden, comfortable beds, and well equipped Kitchen. the Wifi is ok, but only accessible from the hall way and front lounge, Celing fan works well.
Skrevet af, d. 2. aug, 2015
Many thanks for agreeing to place The University of Melbourne medical student Gabriell Mckie at your accommodation for 6 weeks starting the 28 September 2015
Skrevet af, d. 2. aug, 2015
To stay here, it's a lovely home and if it was heated better I would have enjoyed it better. Thank You Jennifer.
Skrevet af, d. 2. aug, 2015
Hi Lyn St Kilda flat
Here is your %50 for the weeks parking, and thank you very much for the lovely flowers. I have put the old towels on shower mat to be changed. Thanks again. Karen
Skrevet af Marco, d. 2. aug, 2015
Hi Bente
The flat is lovely and our stay was very pleasant. You have been incredibly helpful and thanks for your offer. I will contact you ASAP. See you again on Tuesday.
Marco from Scotland Jan.2015
Skrevet af Lou, d. 20. nov, 2014
Lou Read
19 Nov (2 days ago)

to me
Thanks Bente, we enjoyed our stay in the Old Dairy.


Lou ox
Skrevet af obat sinusitis kronis, d. 10. jul, 2014
thank you
Skrevet af Ayubowan Sri Lanka Tours, d. 24. feb, 2013

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24 February 2013 15:42

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Skrevet af Peter, d. 19. okt, 2012
Thanks for a good value for the money stay, one suggestion, remove or replace existing maths as they slide around the floor and would be a unsuitable for older guests.
Skrevet af Wendy, d. 19. okt, 2012
Thank you for a lovely stay, loved the curry, good value for the money.
Skrevet af Bente, d. 30. sep, 2012
Trying out my visitors book

Nyeste kommentarer

18.10 | 05:14

So sorry that I did not get back to you, I dont have any pictures but there are some at the Yarragon station

28.11 | 10:46

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year

28.06 | 06:16

I never heard from you again, but I am wondering if you have any old pictures from the Yarragon Dairy from years gone by. would be great if you could share some

22.03 | 01:07

Sounds good, let us know when you like to come round and look around. Regards Andy and Bente

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